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Rail and multimodal (mixed) transportation

The most important and convenient method of transportation is rail transport

Our company provides high quality services to the organization of railway transportation. We deliver
almost all types of cargo. Our goal - to move forward, constantly improving its capabilities and
established technology in this field that will satisfy all customer needs in all types of rail transport.

In order to provide a safe and timely delivery, we can offer a permanent tracking of the movement of

In addition to that, our company provides to its valued customers a multimodal (mixed) form of
transport, so we can ensure the delivery of cargo from the airport to the transit of container yard, and
then your shipment can be followed by the railway path to the destination or vice versa, the same
scheme applicable to road transport.

• Our experts can offer you:
• Available, the best routes
• Competitive pricing
• Delivery of goods under the scheme "from door to door"
• Sealing of containers
• Custom services
• Cargo Insurance
• Providing accurate information about the movement of cargo
• Organizing an armed escort (if required)
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